About NeXus Arts

What is NeXus Arts?

NeXus Arts is an artist led independent curatorial duo initiated in June 2009 that works in a local, national and international context while based in Drogheda, Ireland. We initiate, develop and collaborate on contemporary art projects, either independently, in association with cultural institutions or in partnership with other creatives. Our starting point is always to advocate visual art we believe to be critically relevant to our times, while looking at the art world from both a curatorial and an artist point of view.

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A nexus is many things. For us it is a connection point or series of connections creating inspiring and thought provoking artistic conduits. We use this concept of the nexus to engage both artist and audience through the wide spectrum of contemporary art practice while exploring diverse notions of time and space. We are fluid and organic in our approach, however we believe it is imperative to adhere to an ironclad integrity.

It is our mission is to promote artistic, intellectual & cultural exchange through ambitious curatorial activity including exhibitions, international exchange, collaborative projects with other art forms, publications and public participation. We collaborate with artists in productions encompassing a range of curatorial models: genres of display and presentation; diverse locations; forms of production and programming; as well as theoretical and interpretative contexts. We have developed curatorial strands using innovative concepts treated as time-sensitive transmissions, seeing the artist-run approach as vital to our identity.

Projects include Now & Everything In Between, a travelling group exhibition shown in Droichead Arts Centre, Drogheda and Galway Arts Centre, Galway (2014); GapFill: More Beauty, More Happiness, a site specific solo exhibition in Drogheda of works by Alan Magee and in Partnership with Highlanes Gallery (2013); The Sleep Concert, A 12 hour overnight site specific audio-visual performance by Steven Stapleton, hosted in Towney Hall Drogheda and curated for Drogheda Arts Festival (2014). NeXus Arts has worked with artists based in Ireland, Germany, the UK and Italy. NeXus Arts was awarded the festival commission of Drogheda Arts Festival in 2013, received the Curator in Residency Award from the Arts Council Ireland in 2013 and has received continuous support from the Louth County Arts Office. NeXus Arts has partnered with institutions such as Droichead Arts Centre, Highlanes Gallery, Galway Arts Centre, Create Louth and Drogheda Arts Festival on various projects and events.

Who is NeXus Arts?

Current curators

Els Borghart (2009 – ongoing) – Visual artist with a Masters in Fine Arts (LUCA School of Arts – Ghent, Belgium) and a post-Masters in Cultural Policy & Art Management (University Antwerp Management School – Antwerp, Belgium).

Declan Kelly (2009 – ongoing) – Visual artist with an Honours Degree in Art (Institute of Technology – Sligo and HETAC – Ireland) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education for Art & Design (National College of Art and Design – Dublin, Ireland)



Past members

Lindsey Ilona Brady (2009-2011) – Nexus Art Project 1; Nexus Art Project 2; Outdoor Corridor of Art; The Scintilla of Lore; Culture Night: Short films by Frank Kelly; Video Screening;
Jessica Bridgeman (2009 – 2011) – Nexus Art Project 1; Nexus Art Project 2; Outdoor Corridor of Art; The Scintilla of Lore; Culture Night: Short films by Frank Kelly; Video Screening;
Brian Hegarty (2011 – 2014) – Street Art for the Masses; I don’t know where I am; Lost for Words; Penny Rimbaud & Louise Elliott performance; Outdoor Sculpture; Concrete Abstractions; Dedication Pieces; Erica Il Cane; GapFill: More Beauty, More Happiness; Insight – Insound; The Sleep Concert; Now & everything in between