Now & Everything In Between


In recent times, the curatorial team of Nexus Arts has facilitated ‘The Sleep Concert’ by a renowned sonic adventurer, a large scale mural by a media shy Italian, a retrospective exhibition by an anarchist punk and  a bespoke upside down bouncy castle by a young up and coming artist. Yet this exhibition, based on the human figure and seemingly a simple idea, has been the most challenging for us as a team.

Where does one start with the human figure? Its representation in the history of art is a complex one. Memory, life, death, time, fact and fiction. It is all there and it is all part of the human condition.

Painting, performance, sculpture and drawing. Where does one start, where does one end? After numerous late nights and many a cul de sac, we came to a single point.

How much of you is defined by other people?

For this exhibition we have chosen six artists who we believe encapsulate this idea in varying ways: The vulnerability in David Booth’s work, the seemingly simple photographs of Nicki Cheevers, the brooding quality of Fiona Finnegan’s paintings, the humorous but astute paintings of Paul MacCormaic, the morphed portraits of Paraic Leahy and the fragile doll portraits of Eleanor Mc Caughey.

NeXus Arts is very excited by these artists as we believe their work opens up the opportunity to delve into and explore the nooks and crannies of the human condition from a different angle.

Practical Information

Now & Everything In Between

in Droichead Arts Centre from 02-26/07

in Galway Arts Centre from 01-29/08

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