2012 – Dedication Pieces
2012 – Dedication Pieces

2012 – Dedication Pieces

Nexus Arts have once again brought thought provoking art to Drogheda on Culture Night in the shape of Stefan Riebel’s text art on the George’s Square billboard.

The artwork is part of the ‘dedication pieces’ series, a work which has been shown in numerous locations around Europe. For Drogheda Nexus Arts has opted to display

Stefan Riebel’s dedication pieces series consists of a number of textual propositions realized as modest poetic interventions that are at once poignant, ironic and whimsical.

These statements presented on windows, in shopping centers, on notice boards and in the street act as a dialogue between the sites of their display, the audience, and the empty space of possibility and longing that the text evokes.

This work was on display from 20/09/2012 to 4/10/2012

Site specific curation on George’s Square, Drogheda. Part of Culture Night Ireland.

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