The Sleep Concert – by Steven Stapleton

Steven Stapleton Ear

A bed-and-breakfast concert! 

An absurd idea? Maybe?

A unique experience? Definitely!

Nexus Arts is incredibly excited to host the Irish premiere of the legendary ’NURSE WITH WOUND’ maestro Steven Stapleton’s ‘The Sleep Concert’. Stapleton will perform his dark ambient music live throughout the night manipulating and re-animating his own Nurse with Wounds records to colour and shape your dreams in an avant – DJ somniloquy. This will be accompanied by large film projections which will enhance the experience. The audience will be asked to sleep over for the duration of the concert.

Participants will receive a single air bed, a blanket, a breakfast plus travel to and from the event.

This collective sleepover will be hosted in a stunning and exclusive secret location in the vicinity of Drogheda. This truly unique experience is of limited capacity. Steven’s only request for his performance is that ‘He’d greatly appreciate it if the audience could snore in tune.”

Practical information

Date: Friday 2/05/14

Time: Friday 2/05 pick up by bus at 10pm at Highlanes Gallery – Saturday 03/05 drop off by bus at 9.30am at Highlanes Gallery

Ticket Price: €35 – only 50 tickets available

Tickets will go for sale from 31/03 on festival website

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